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90-Minute MIG Mastery + Advanced MIG Fabrication
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What the difference between Arc, TIG, MIG, and Oxy Acetylene welding are so you can make sure you use the correct welding process where necessary

6 things you MUST know about which metals to buy, and where to buy

The 10 essential metal working tools you NEED

What EVERY beginner welder must know about the safety gear
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What People Are Saying:
Hello Garrett, Yes, I am very pleased with both courses. Being totally inexperienced with MIG welding, the beginners course was very informative and helpful. I also learned a lot from the advanced fabrication course. You explain everything perfectly!

- Bob R., CA
There is a wealth of great information here. This course was definitely worth the money! It has helped me considerably on my first major project. The steel railings on my back porch have rusted at the bottom badly. With the confidence from this course I was able to cut out the bad sections and weld in new sections. Overall this really is a great course and I haven't even gotten into the bonus videos yet.

- Cody F., FL
Your courses are Gold and even if I would have to pay twice for taking them over later "I'd be as happy as a sissy in boystown to do so.”

- Jeff B., IL
4 Reasons Why MIG Welding Is Great For Beginners...
Reason #1: MIG Welding Produces No Slag
MIG welders produce much nicer and cleaner welds than stick welding because there's no dirty slag to chip away after making a weld.

Reason #2: You Can Easily See The Weld Puddle
It's VERY important to be able to see the weld puddle when you're first learning. MIG welders allow you to easily watch the weld puddle so you can learn to easily make beautiful, strong welds.

Reason #3: MIG Welders Are The Most User Friendly Welders
It's no secret that MIG welders are simple to use once you've got them set up correctly. There's no other hassle free welding method nearly as efficient and as capable as a MIG welder.

Reason #4: MIG Welders Don't Produce Dirty, Unhealthy Smoke
If you want a clean welding process and you don't want to breathe in dirty smoke, then MIG welding is the answer.
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