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FROM The Desk Of: Garrett Strong
Location: My Home Shop

Dear Beginner Welder,

If you'd love to MIG weld like a pro so you can start a new hobby, fabricate cool projects, make quick & easy repairs, or just put more money in your pocket, this will be the most life-changing message you have ever read...

But before I go too far, this letter is NOT for everyone.

I will NOT teach you to be a $200k/year pipe welder. I will NOT teach you how to build a hot rod from the ground up. I will not certify you to weld professionally.

What, then, can I do for you?
Over 6,000+ Students Have Trusted Me To Help Them Master MIG Welding In The Past 3 Years Alone…
That's the good news, the bad news is that while I discovered how to weld like a pro, help others, and make money welding, you can't just start welding on your own and expect to make killer welds or killer projects.
Just because you can pull the trigger on a MIG gun and start a welding arc doesn't automatically make you a great welder.
In fact it actually makes you a DANGEROUS welder because there a host of things to learn before you actually join 2 pieces of metal. Learning metal fit up, fabrication techniques, metal cleaning and a lot more will save you tons of time making mistakes on your own.
Garrett Strong
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