Attention DIY'ers, Hobbyists, And Beginners Who Want To Learn MIG Welding Fast...
Master The Art Of MIG Welding In Just 90 Minutes... Or Your Money Back!
Read on to discover how quickly and easily you can make PERFECT welds using a MIG welder...

  •  WELD FAST!: Get started in Under 1 Hour
  •   FIRST PROJECT: Easy, 3-step approach - Simple and Effective!
  •  Beginner Speed: Learn at your own pace
Module #1: Intro To Welding - 
A complete module to get you prepared to start welding

Module #2: Intro To Gas Metal Arc Welding - 
Everything you ever wanted to know about MIG welding

Module #3: The Weld Puddle - 
How to control the heat and move the weld puddle

Module #4: Intro To Flux Core Arc Welding - 
Your complete guide to wire feed welding without gas

Module #5: Intro To Welding Positions - 
Learn how to make awesome welds in all positions

Module #6: Intro To Welding Joints - 
Discover the secrets to welding all the welding joints with no hassle


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ONE-TIME OFFER ($1): This Power-Packed Course Comes Fully Loaded With 3 KICK ASS Bonuses - Including the Welding Table Project, MIG Weaving Techniques, and The Cutting Torch Magic Course...

I Discovered A Truly Unusual Secret That Literally Transforms Complete Beginners Into Near Professionals In Under 90 Minutes...
...but more on that later.

Right now, let me tell you why I care so DEEPLY about helping you learn how to weld...

Eight years ago I felt trapped because I didn't have somebody standing there telling me where to start, how to make good welds, and how to fabricate the cool things I wanted to make. 

I thought I couldn't afford the equipment or that I had to attend a welding school, but once I finally learned to weld...

...I discovered how enjoyable it was and that I could make money with my hobby.

When I first began I was SHOCKED to see just how many people were already welding from home, and after seeing all the cool stuff people were turning out with their inexpensive welders, I was sold! 

It turns out that ANYBODY can do this, even YOU.


It all goes back to how easy, inexpensive, and user friendly welding machines have gotten today.

The days of paying $1,000 just to own a welder are over, and they've made available $200 welding machines that can weld just as good as one of those high priced machines.

So, I don't think there's ever been a better time to learn how to weld.

As soon as I began practicing on my very first mig welder and discovering all the different welding tricks and techniques, amazing things started to happen...

Suddenly I was able to make an awesome BBQ pit for cookouts, an awesome welding table, a fire pit and so so so many more projects. Now I'm constantly showing off my completed projects to my friends, and even offering my services to make a side income.
When I Shared My Methods With My Friends... The Results Were Astounding
I shared my welding secrets with a few friends of mine who were curious how in the hell I could go from being a complete beginner to fabricating cool projects in such a short time.

So, I taught them my unusual "6 Step Welding Secret" that I had discovered that literally transforms beginners into near professional MIG welders in under 90 Minutes.

They couldn't believe it! Two weeks later they were texting me photos of their finished welding projects...a new bumper, a new trailer, a cooler rack...

Time and time again I've seen this unusual system work for people and they can't believe they can actually weld on their own.

And I'm willing to bet that if you go and buy a mig welder after you finish reading this, you'll learn how to weld like a pro too... just like thousands of people have done before...
  •  You'll have more cash in your pocket...
  •  You'll master a skill that you'll use the rest of your life...
  •  And you'll do something you truly feel a sense of accomplishment with...
After teaching my friends this secrets I had learned, something funny happened. Suddenly, my friends were on my back and telling me that I should start teaching others the tricks & techniques I had taught them.

I didn't think much of it, and I wasn't really interested in teaching to a large audience until I realized that my friends (and my wife) weren't going to shut up about it unless I gave it some serious thought.

So I did, and I discovered that...
Anyone Can Learn To Weld Using My "Secret 6 Step Formula
That's the good news, the bad news is that while I discovered how to weld like a pro, help others, and make money welding, you can't just start welding on your own and expect to make killer welds or killer projects.

Just because you can pull the trigger on a MIG gun and start a welding arc doesn't automatically make you a great welder.

In fact it actually makes you a DANGEROUS welder because there a host of things to learn before you actually join 2 pieces of metal. Learning metal fit up, fabrication techniques, metal cleaning and a lot more will save you tons of time making mistakes on your own.

Eventually I discovered the best way to fabricate and make sound welds.

That's helped me make hundreds of welding projects, and even make money on the side...

That's helped over 6,000+ people start welding in their spare time at home 
...making extra cash, and loving it...

...And that's so easy and inexpensive that you can get everything you need to start making killer projects by purchasing a few items at your local hardware store.
You Can Literally Start MIG Welding In Under 1 Hour
I'm sure you already know there are several different welding processes available... But what makes MIG welding so damn awesome for beginners?

Well, the real reason MIG welding is so great for beginners is because most hobby MIG welders run on 110 volt household electrical outlets. Of course, you can step it up to a bigger 220 volt MIG welder, but it's not necessary.

What's the benefit of me telling you this? So you can save lots of CASH when buying a welder.

But the real reasons why a beginner should start with a MIG welder are simple.
Reason #1: MIG Welding Produces No Slag
MIG welders produce much nicer and cleaner welds than stick welding because there's no dirty slag to chip away after making a weld.

Reason #2: You Can Easily See The Weld Puddle
It's VERY important to be able to see the weld puddle when you're first learning. MIG welders allow you to easily watch the weld puddle so you can learn to easily make beautiful, strong welds.

Reason #3: MIG Welders Are The Most User Friendly Welders
It's no secret that MIG welders are simple to use once you've got them set up correctly. There's no other hassle free welding method nearly as efficient and as capable as a MIG welder.

Reason #4: MIG Welders Don't Produce Dirty, Unhealthy Smoke
If you want a clean welding process and you don't want to breathe in dirty smoke, then MIG welding is the answer.
I've taken all that I know about MIG welding and fabrication, so you can take your welding and fabrication skills to the next level, and I packed it in a video course so I can spread the wealth as far as I can...
Introducing The 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course
When you become a member of 90 Minute MIG Mastery, you’ll be emailed INSTANT password access to my private, members-only website, where you’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to the complete video course.

Keep in mind that you will have 100% access to the members area for as long as you want, so you can come back and watch the videos in the future!
ATTENTION: This is NOT a physical DVD. You will receive instant LIFETIME access to my members area where you can access the premium training package.
Customers From All Over The World Choose My MIG Welding Training Course Over The Competition Because:
  • I provide you the same MIG welding training that most welding schools charge $20,000 for...
  •  I provide very convenient 24/7 VIP members-only online access to my MIG welding course, and all videos are 100% downloadable so you don't have to stream them online.
  • I focus solely on teaching you to MIG weld, and remove all the garbage you don't need
  •  I provide top-notch MIG welding training aimed just for the complete beginner.
Over the last several months I've surveyed over 5,000 members to find out exactly how to improve my members area. Then I put over 300 hours into building it.

The result is an amazing new members' area where all the information you need is at your fingertips. 
It makes learning this material a breeze.
Current Members Are Inside My Private Members Area To...
  •  Learn how to MIG weld like a pro
  •  Learn how to start fabricating that MUCH awaited project
  •  Discover how to make CASH with their welding projects
  •  Learn how to master the welding joints
  •  Learn how to weld in ALL positions
  •  And to start building their own hot rods, motorcycles, bbq pits, and more...
If you've ever asked yourself how do I MIG weld with or without gas? What do I do when my welds look wrong? How do I tune the voltage and wire speed? How do I know when I'm getting a quality weld? Or if you're a complete beginner who wants to learn MIG welding like a PRO...

...then this course can help you.

Inside I'm giving you all the welding tips, tricks, and strategies you need to learn to weld like a pro, and create welding projects you'll be EXTREMELY proud of.

So if you’re a beginner welder who is passionate about learning to weld, who likes to work with your hands, and who wants to create AWESOME welding projects from home – and you're not lacking the motivation and imagination that it takes to learn how to weld and fabricate awesome projects from home… then you may be well suited for a membership with 90 Minute MIG Mastery.
Here Are Just a FEW Of The Crazy Projects You’ll Be Able To Impress Friends With
You can fabricate amazing things like hot rods, bbq pits, trailers, motorcycles, gates, ornamental designs, furniture and anything else you can imagine in your spare time! You can also make enough money to have a side business, starting out with just a cheap welder and a few pieces of scrap steel.
And actually start making that much awaited welding project you've been waiting to work on...

Without buying expensive tools...

Without having your own welding shop (you can learn from the comfort of your own home)...

Without being an expert welder (you'll master the skill quicker than you think)...

And just by using an inexpensive MIG welder that you can get from your local Lowe's or Home Depot...

In very little time you'll be MIG welding like a pro, and having fun doing it.

Honestly my members are dumbfounded and maybe even a little angry when they discover how EASY it is to learn how to MIG weld, build projects, make money at home welding, and without spending a lot of money to do it.
The 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course Is Broken Down Into 6 Kick-Ass Modules...
  •  Module #1: Intro To Welding - A complete module to get you prepared to start welding.
  •  Module #2: Intro To Gas Metal Arc Welding - Everything you ever wanted to know about MIG welding.
  •  Module #3: The Weld Puddle - How to control the heat and move the weld puddle.
  •  Module #4: Intro To Flux Core Arc Welding - Your complete guide to wire feed welding without gas.
  •  Module #5: Intro To Welding Positions - Learn how to make awesome welds in all positions.
  •  Module #6: Intro To Welding Joints - Discover the secrets to welding all the welding joints with no hassle.
In module one (Intro To Welding) I will flat out SHOW YOU my simple "WELD PREP STEPS" where I'll show you the basics of metal (and where to get it for cheap), the tools you will need to get started (it's not a lot), an overview of the welding processes, all about welding rods and wires, metal cleaning, weld preparation, and most importantly SAFETY... and I'll show you all of this without spending lots of money, and without wasting time digging through books and videos trying to learn this stuff.
Inside you'll discover...
What the difference between Arc, TIG, MIG, and Oxy Acetylene welding are so you can make sure you use the correct welding process where necessary

6 things you MUST know about which metals to buy, and where to buy them at the cheapest price

The 10 essential metal working tools you NEED so you can cut metal to length and finish metal projects with ease

What EVERY beginner welder must know about the safety gear you will need when you start welding... like proper eye protection, what to look for in a welding helmet, and what acceptable welding clothes are

And this is just the start...
Here's My Promise To You:
Follow these simple steps and you'll be AMAZED at how close you are to welding like a pro... as you find yourself able to use the tools, fit up, and prepare to weld like a pro.

And that's only module 1, designed to get you prepared to weld.

In module 2 of the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Course I'll show you what Gas Metal Arc Welding is and how you can easily make beautiful and strong welds, so you can rest assured that whatever you're welding will not only be strong, but will be beautiful as well.
In module 2 you'll discover...
  •  The #1 single most important gas mixture for MIG welding... so you don't use the wrong gas resulting in weld porosity and weak welds
  •  Discover my little-known trick so you don't waste welding gas, which could save you hundreds of dollars
  •  My "SUPER SECRET" little cooking spray trick to make sure you aren't constantly having to clean spatter from your welding gun
  •  You'll discover how to safely open a high pressure gas cylinder so you don't injure yourself or those around you
  •  Quickly & easily discover which welding wire to use with your MIG welder, and which size wire to use so you aren't struggling to get enough weld build up for a sound weld
  •  How to set up your MIG welder for maximum weld control so you can easily weld anything without worrying about cold welds or not getting enough weld fusion
  •  How to create expert welds by setting your voltage and wire speed correctly
  •  Learn the secret to avoid getting ripped off when buying welding gas
  •  And that’s just a small ‘taste’ of what’s in store for you.
You're NOT getting a 45 minute lame-ass DVD! You're getting a MASTERS DEGREE in Do-It-Yourself MIG welding from home! I'm Talking Over 4 Hours Of Well Organized, KICK-ASS training videos!
Ok, so if that wasn't enough I'm really just getting started...

In module 3 I'm really going to deliver some really cool stuff.

I'm going to show you all about the weld puddle and controlling the weld... and you will get some close up video footage of me running a weld bead so you can see exactly how fast your gun travel should be, and how slow to move so you get maximum weld penetration...
Inside Module 3 you'll discover...
  •  The secret to heat control so you can get strong, deep penetrating welds
  •  You'll discover the secret cursive "e" motion to fill gaps when welding, so your welds get good deep penetration
  •  Steel tends to pull towards the direction of a weld when it cools... pulling it out of square, but I'll show you how to sequence your tack welds so you don't have to worry about metal war-page
  •  The truth about how far to keep your weld nozzle from the work-piece, so you get good hot starts in your welds
  •  What every beginner MUST know about travel direction, and where to aim the electrode so you get a good hot weld
  •  I'll put an end to the "push vs. pull" debate and show you who's really correct when it comes to weld travel
  •  The correct voltage settings for your machine, and I'll give you my free tracking chart so you have an immediate reminder of what voltage to use for which metal thickness
  •  How to make sure you properly fit up the metal before welding, and why it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars if you don't
  •  Discover what I call the "heat curse" and how to avoid cold welds that rob your welds strength
  •  The 3 reasons why beginner welders struggle to get good weld penetration resulting in poor welds
  •  Learn the SECRET to why weld preparation is just as important as running a good weld bead, and I'll show you how to properly clean the workpiece for maximum weld strength and appearance
  •  And there is MUCH more (just keep reading)...
You Can Start MIG Welding Without Buying Expensive Equipment
Most people who buy a MIG welder don't have a gas cylinder (which can be pricey), but don't let that concern you because you don't need one to start!

Module four is all about learning to weld without using gas, and the process is known as flux core arc welding...
Inside Module 4 you'll discover...
  •  Discover why flux core is the best "outside" welding process to use, so you can weld anything outdoors and not have to worry about shielding gas
  •  Welding without gas requires you to change your welders polarity, which is very easy to do... I'll show you how to change your welding machine's polarity so you can create strong welds with no porosity
  •  Discover which flux core wire to buy that can be used in all the welding positions
  •  The "secret" to flux core wire sizes, and how to avoid picking the wrong size so you can create welds with the right amount of buildup
  •  And there’s more. Lots more.
When All Is Said And Done You Will Make JAW DROPPING Projects That Even The Pros Will Envy!!!
If you just learn one welding position and call it a day, you are missing the boat BIG time! 
Plus you will dramatically reduce the likelihood that you will make a good weld the first time.

You're going to find that once you start that first project, you will use all of the welding positions.

You're likely going to weld horizontal, vertical, flat, and overhead before it's all said and done... and in order to do that you need to practice in all these positions.
Inside Module 5 you'll discover...
  •  The trick to welding positions... including welding in the flat position, vertical position, horizontal position, and overhead... so you can be prepared to make awesome welds on any project
  •  My quick and easy weaving technique for welding downhill
  •  The 3 things you NEED to keep in mind when welding uphill or downhill, so you can make deep penetrating welds on projects where safety is key
  •  An easy cure to keep the weld puddle from sagging when welding in the horizontal position
  •  The truth about welding overhead, and how to keep the weld puddle from dripping
  •  And it doesn't stop there...
In Module 6 you'll discover...
  •  What every beginner MUST know about welding joints... including T joints, Butt joints, lap joints, and corner joints
  •  The correct way to weld thick steel joints, and how to bevel the work-piece to ensure it's strong as possible
  •  Discover my secret "horse shoe" technique when welding T joints so you can prevent the weld puddle from falling down and causing weak welds
  •  An easy 3 step process for welding multiple passes on a weld joint, so your joints get full penetration
  •  Learn my little known "u-motion" technique when welding a lap joint so you don't melt away the corner of the work piece, which will result in a much nicer looking weld
Customer Testimonials Tell It All...
If you're anything like the THOUSANDS of others who have benefited from the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course, you're interested in learning a skill that can bring you tons of pleasure... and make you lots of money if you choose.

Which is why, as my special gift to you today, I want to give you 7 astonishing bonuses...
Bonus #1: Ninja Trick To Tune Your Welder ($17 Value)
Bonus #2: Cutting and Grinding Mastery ($17 Value)
In this bonus video I’ll show you how to use angle grinders, cut off wheels, band saws, and a cutting torch so you can cut metal to length, grind metal for a smooth finish, and make sure your project is awesome.
Bonus #3: Work Table Project ($27 Value)
Step by step walk-through showing you how to build an awesome work table, so you can have work space to mount a vice, drill press, bench grinder, or anything you need it for.
Bonus #4: Plasma Power ($17 Value)
In this video course I'm going to show you all about plasma cutters, how to cut with a plasma cutter, and the advantages of plasma cutters over oxy acetylene torches.
Bonus #5: Propane Cooker Project ($17 Value)
In this bonus video I’ll show you how to build a simple propane cooker so you can cook your favorite foods in the great outdoors! Cook a quick and easy stew, fry fish, and hundreds of your favorite foods.
Bonus #6: Roller Stand Project ($17 Value)
In this bonus video project I’ll show you how to build an adjustable support stand for your welding projects! This will make it SUPER quick and easy for you to adjust the height of your work-pieces when cutting and welding.
Bonus #7: Welding Cart Project ($27 Value)
A welding cart is an absolute MUST HAVE when you begin welding because you need to mobilize yourself when starting a welding project. This video will show you in detail how to build your first welding cart, right down to the dimensions you need to use, how to cut the angle iron, how to frame up the cart so it's square, how to attach the wheels, and a LOT more.
If you are serious about becoming an awesome welder... who uses all the latest and best methods... then it's important that you go through these bonus videos...

That's why I want to give you all 7 of these important bonus videos for FREE... even though they're WORTH at LEAST $197.97...

It's just my way of rewarding you for taking action... and to do everything I can to help you become the best welder possible.
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