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I've taken welding classes at our local community college because I have always wanted to learn to weld. Then I bought my Hobart 140 - which is how I found Garrett. He has yet to lead me astray and he's given me the confidence to experiment with my welder. Sure welding is dangerous, but Garrett makes you comfortable enough to try stuff. Which is important because no machine, fab, or metal welds exactly like they want you to believe. Cheers!
Ed Maynard
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Johnathan Gibson
I am stoked to put the teachings to my shop I have 2- 66 chevy trucks to restore, bought a Mig welder, and made a mess before these videos can't wait to go home an start using this !! Best $$ I have spent !! Thanks Garrett !! 
Jeff R. - Missouri
Think you're ready to get started today? if so, i have 4 fREE BONUS MODULES that i know you will absolutely love!
The 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course Is Broken Down Into 6 Kick-Ass Modules...
Module #1: Intro To Welding - A complete module to get you prepared to start welding.

Module #2: Intro To Gas Metal Arc Welding - Everything you ever wanted to know.

Module #3: The Weld Puddle - How to control the heat and move the weld puddle.

Module #4: Flux Core Arc Welding - Complete guide to wire feed welding without gas.

Module #5: Welding Positions - Learn how to make awesome welds in all positions.

Module #6: Welding Joints - Secrets to welding all the welding joints with no hassle.
meet the master behind the WELDING COURSE
My name is Garrett, and my fascination with welding eventually led me to start welding with the other welding processes. I quickly found that welding with an arc welding process like MIG (metal inert gas) is the best route for beginners to learn quickly with.
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